The “NO” Project

Going into the end of the year, it hit me. I never used the word “NO.” There were mounting deadlines and impatient wanderers all looking for a quick fix from me. Don’t get me wrong I like being helpful. I love teaching and sharing new experiences. There were people in my life that figured out a way to use that to their advantage.

The creative writer in me decided to say no to everything. Not in an aggressive manner but assure them there’s no time. Can we pick that up tomorrow, what about next week? There was sheer devastation. I had confrontations because “NO” was not acceptable. My time, my ideas, my coos, my positive vibes, my opinion should always be available.

No way! This has been a challenging two months, but also liberating. I don’t feel like I’m strapped to my email, or dinner, or laundry or whatever random job I convinced myself should have my signature of approval.

The important number one project should be me, and you of course. I didn’t say yes for popularity. I said yes because I believed, it’s a natural way to gain exposure, keep the kids balanced, make my husband smile. The truth is all they ever needed was a little rejection.

This year is going to be hard but totally worth it. I’ll be embracing the word “NO” and finding my true Yes. I hope you gain the courage to be yourself and vocalize what you need and want. Don’t hold your head down accepting defeat. Being a good person is not a sign of weakness. Look them in the eyes and say NO. No is good.


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