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I could feel my heartbeat between my legs, like the full percussion section on opening night

Your bass was keeping a steady pace with my snare

As we made music

May I blow your horn and make that sweet sound that fades in and out like a distant cry

I cried

I cried because I was so satisfied with that song

I wanted it to last all night long

As we made music

Play that beat

Eat those words, bite chew, as you taste our sweet song

Don’t swallow just let them role off your tongue like a piece of ice on a hot sunny day

Don’t lose that beat, I’m feeling it

Somebody carry my part so I can dance, move, sweat to the music

Slow down, we got all night to party

I could feel my heartbeat between my legs, in my stomach, in my

As we made music

An excerpt from, Spencer, Alice F. Poetry Is; Kindle

©Alice F Spencer Nov 2018