Fighting to Finish

When I started my college journey, a year early I might add. The picture of the photo finish was different from the way it all played out. I know, that’s probably everyone’s story. You hit the ground running and the motivation, excitement and dreams of what’s to come help you float through your task. Then life happens and you fumble your way though the new edited version.
Have you heard of a phone alp called Givling? It’s a pretty fun idea, playing a trivia game that in turn help winners in a big way. The pay out can be used towards your student loans, your mortgage, or an approved investment account. There are also additional in game ways to win more. If you decide to check it out, my invite code is below!

Did you Finish?

I did complete my bachelors, and I’ve worked hard over the past 11 years to continue to grow my career. The downside is the loans continue to grow. Between two lenders, the payoff balance is $242,241.00. It’s overwhelming to look at sometimes because, fighting to finish was really just the beginning of a new journey. The fight to pay off this monster loan.
There were lots of situations that happen in-between my start and finish. Two marriages, four beautiful children, the Marines and a lifetime of memories. Oh I kept the 2nd hubby. Looking for new ways to chip away at the loan over time. The next step is putting the family on a no spend diet so we can grow our credit score and look at lenders with lower interest. Like college it’s going to take hard work.

This is the beginning and the hope is to continue to find creative ways to knock this loan out ! Your not alone in this process, we just have to do a little digging. I’ll continue to link great processes as I find them, but check out Givling and their great cause.



Alice F Spencer

DeVry University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

©Alice F Spencer Dec 2018



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I could feel my heartbeat between my legs, like the full percussion section on opening night

Your bass was keeping a steady pace with my snare

As we made music

May I blow your horn and make that sweet sound that fades in and out like a distant cry

I cried

I cried because I was so satisfied with that song

I wanted it to last all night long

As we made music

Play that beat

Eat those words, bite chew, as you taste our sweet song

Don’t swallow just let them role off your tongue like a piece of ice on a hot sunny day

Don’t lose that beat, I’m feeling it

Somebody carry my part so I can dance, move, sweat to the music

Slow down, we got all night to party

I could feel my heartbeat between my legs, in my stomach, in my

As we made music

An excerpt from, Spencer, Alice F. Poetry Is; Kindle

©Alice F Spencer Nov 2018


Today was all about winning! Have you ever set out to be the champion? Where you knew from the start you would come out victorious. There is one missing piece, what if you really don’t want it. Stop going against the grain, fighting for small victories when the universe has already warned you that this is not your fight.

We take on multiple challenges, overwhelming ourselves with stress to meet deadlines, that are so far off the original path. I challenge you to talk yourself off that ledge. Stop killing your motivation by trying to prove your worth. You know what you’re capable of, start using it to excel personally, with growth towards your future goals.



© Alice F Spencer Oct/2018