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Just Maybe Today

Maybe today will be different

Or not

This constant disappointment sadness unhappy spiral of events

Maybe today will be different

Hearing others thoughts out loud no silence no privacy all out in the open

Just maybe

If I can think it and believe it and hear it that sweet happy sound

Of your kindness interrupting my sadness equaling a happy contagious event

Maybe today

Maybe today my forgiving you will somehow motivate you to forgive yourself

Or just maybe


Having faith is a great and wonderful way of life. I often wonder how people with little faith make it. I always think about how complicated my life was when I was lost trying to find my way. It was a lot of dark days but with just that little tiny amount of faith I’m still here today …

Matthew 17:20 NIV He replied, “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Take baby steps to faith

#1 Start your day with a prayer

#2 Always look for a positive in every situation

#3 Who have you blessed today

#4 You reap what you sow (sow greatness)

©Alice F Spencer 2019~ Revised Copy

Poem from Poetry Is Collection


The “NO” Project

Going into the end of the year, it hit me. I never used the word “NO.” There were mounting deadlines and impatient wanderers all looking for a quick fix from me. Don’t get me wrong I like being helpful. I love teaching and sharing new experiences. There were people in my life that figured out a way to use that to their advantage.

The creative writer in me decided to say no to everything. Not in an aggressive manner but assure them there’s no time. Can we pick that up tomorrow, what about next week? There was sheer devastation. I had confrontations because “NO” was not acceptable. My time, my ideas, my coos, my positive vibes, my opinion should always be available.

No way! This has been a challenging two months, but also liberating. I don’t feel like I’m strapped to my email, or dinner, or laundry or whatever random job I convinced myself should have my signature of approval.

The important number one project should be me, and you of course. I didn’t say yes for popularity. I said yes because I believed, it’s a natural way to gain exposure, keep the kids balanced, make my husband smile. The truth is all they ever needed was a little rejection.

This year is going to be hard but totally worth it. I’ll be embracing the word “NO” and finding my true Yes. I hope you gain the courage to be yourself and vocalize what you need and want. Don’t hold your head down accepting defeat. Being a good person is not a sign of weakness. Look them in the eyes and say NO. No is good.

Fighting to Finish

When I started my college journey, a year early I might add. The picture of the photo finish was different from the way it all played out. I know, that’s probably everyone’s story. You hit the ground running and the motivation, excitement and dreams of what’s to come help you float through your task. Then life happens and you fumble your way though the new edited version.
Have you heard of a phone alp called Givling? It’s a pretty fun idea, playing a trivia game that in turn help winners in a big way. The pay out can be used towards your student loans, your mortgage, or an approved investment account. There are also additional in game ways to win more. If you decide to check it out, my invite code is below!


Did you Finish?

I did complete my bachelors, and I’ve worked hard over the past 11 years to continue to grow my career. The downside is the loans continue to grow. Between two lenders, the payoff balance is $242,241.00. It’s overwhelming to look at sometimes because, fighting to finish was really just the beginning of a new journey. The fight to pay off this monster loan.
There were lots of situations that happen in-between my start and finish. Two marriages, four beautiful children, the Marines and a lifetime of memories. Oh I kept the 2nd hubby. Looking for new ways to chip away at the loan over time. The next step is putting the family on a no spend diet so we can grow our credit score and look at lenders with lower interest. Like college it’s going to take hard work.

This is the beginning and the hope is to continue to find creative ways to knock this loan out ! Your not alone in this process, we just have to do a little digging. I’ll continue to link great processes as I find them, but check out Givling and their great cause.



Alice F Spencer

DeVry University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

©Alice F Spencer Dec 2018